Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Living Waters Village

My dear family and friends,

Well, in a few weeks time I'll be catching a plane, flying on to new adventures in Borneo, Indonesia. I know I'm not gone yet, but I thought I would upload some information for people to look at. I have probably shown most of you the short video on Living Waters Village, the miracle in the jungle of Borneo. But in case you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here...

And the website...

I thought keeping a blog would be easier than emailing around all the time. So on these pages I'm hoping to share my adventures, my victories and my struggles. This way we can keep in touch even though I'll literally be on the other end of the world. Part of me is immensely excited, the other part a bit apprehensive to find out what I'm going to find once I get there. I've been waiting for so long to do something like this though, so I'm not about to back down.

I fly out  to visit Charmaine for a few days on September 1st and then move on to Kuching (Malaysia) on September 5th. There I'll have to apply for a visa to Indonesia and hope they'll let me into the country. So please pray for me!

Lots of love x

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